About GPAN

GPAN was created by a guinea pig lover with the single goal of finding piggies who are up for adoption new homes.

GPAN can be a tool for rescuers
This site can be used by rescuers as an aid in their search to find homes for their rescued piggies. All you have to do is fill out a simple form with information about you and the piggie you are putting up for adoption. Once you submit, the info is added to the "piggie database" where potential adopters can search through. The creater of this site hopes that GPAN will bring potential owners and rescuers together quickly.

Non-rescuers looking for a good home for their piggie
Often times people will purchase a piggie from a pet store and a month or two later find themselves with babies. It is with cases such as these that this site can be useful and should be used by people who are serious in finding good homes for their piggies. Just submit your info and hopefully someone who is looking for a piggie will find your information on GPAN.

Are You Looking For a Piggie?
You've come to the right place! Search through GPAN's "piggie database" and hopefully you will find a piggie in need of a home in your area!

Please be aware that this site was created with Guinea Pig Rescuers in mind. Therefore, we are unable to allow breeders to post.