Penelope and Patches

almost one year
Patches - black and white; Penelope - brown and white
Health problems: 
Reason for adoption: 
We can no longer care for them
These two need to be adopted together. My husband and I purchased them from our daughter who is eleven at the PetSmart in Timonium in October when they were a few months old. The guineas are wonderful and we have treated them very well. Their cage stays in my daughter's bedroom and they get attention daily. They are a lot of work, however. They need there bedding changed every other day, need hay and food daily, and need exercise. My daughter has wanted a large dog for many years now. We were hoping that the guineas would fill that void. When we realized how much work they are we decided we would prefer to get a large dog. We do not want all three. We will not get the dog until we find a very good home for the guineas. With the two guineas comes their cage (all items inside), food, extra hay we have, treats, guinea brush, wooden hut, and teething blocks. We are not looking to make a profit and really just want to feel comfortable with where they go.
Owner's name: 
Debra Lewis