Rosie & Lilly

not sure
short hair
Health problems: 
not sure
Reason for adoption: 
Taken from a cruelty case
About a week ago I took 3 pigs 1 male 2 females from a neighbor , they had the pigs living on an unheated enclosed porch in the back of their house , it is fall now & temps going down every day , the pigs were living in filth their cages were impacted with urine/feces & were fed cat food most of the time , during the summer when I took my walk with my Grandson I would stop & give them treats & 99% of the time water . I asked them to please take better care of them & to take them inside but the father did not want any animals in the house so as to why they were kept on the porch , so last weekend I could no longer take it I went down to the house & banged on the door no one answered so I took the piggies due to it going down to low fifties that night it took me 2 hours to scrub their cages plus I had to go get litter,food,grass since I did not have any , I did find a great loving home for the male so now I only have the females Rosie & Lilly , I have 3 dogs all with high prey drive (hunting dogs) so I have kept them in my heated basement with a light on for the first week now they are in a spare room , I can not keep them I am worried my dogs will get them .
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