Oreo & Snowball

3 & 1
Abyssinian & regular
Black & White & White (all)
Health problems: 
Overweight & None
Reason for adoption: 
Kids have lost interest.
They come with everything I have for them & it's top of the line stuff! Here's what I wrote a friend: Timothy hay which is one of the main foods they eat daily for their teeth. I have about a week or so left of that. You could use it for bedding too, but only if you find it cheap somewhere like a farm cause they need fresh hat to eat.  Pellet food which I have an entire cooler, plus a little more of, so that will last like forever! Thats like 1/4 cup 2 times a day. Then the cup of fresh veggies daily (spinach & Romaine lettuce daily & carrots, sweet potato or cucumber as a treat 2-3x per week.) And they need like 2-3 inches of paper bedding, changed weekly, I have enough for like 2 weeks left. And their water bottles washed & filled up weekly. You can pick them up and love them or let them out in the big cage enclosure for exercise. My kids get in the big enclosure with them & make obstacle courses out of cardboard or whatever & the g.pigs seem to like that. They also have special blankets you could use as bedding, we use them in the big enclosure cause I use the paper in the cages. Easier to clean. Dump & wipe down. The black and white one is named Oreo and when they are let out together, he definitely seems dominant over the white one who was originally named Cutie, but my kids call him Snowball. Which is why they have 2 cages, but all their stuff is top of the line. And Oreo who is definitely more socialized is an Abyssinian guinea pig so he's expensive, like $40 I've read.
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