Milo and Elvis

2 years
Not sure
Both are Grey and white
Health problems: 
Reason for adoption: 
We sadly don’t have enough time nor effort to take care of them.
These piggies are brothers and must be adopted together. They were being kept in a fairly large 6x2 c&c cage so they are used to the large amount of space. They LOVE veggies and aren’t too picky. They need hay 24/7. And each pig needs 1/8 cup of oxbow pellets a day. No seeds please, and also no salt licks. Milo is a shy guy and doesn’t always enjoy a bunch of attention but Elvis will love to be pet inside the cage and outside during floor time. They don’t bite unless they feel obligated to. Also they like treats but are a little more picky about those. They need their nails trimmed regularly and rarely ever need baths as they clean themselves. Very sweet and adorable guinea pigs. They live up to 8 years so it takes dedication, lookin for a forever home :)
Owner's name: 
Jenifer Dickerson
Fort Worth