4 years old on 12-25-19
white, chestnut, black
Health problems: 
Minor balding on his back, seems to be clearing up
Reason for adoption: 
I’m going away to college
- He is a full grown guinea pig - He is an anti-social guinea pig unless offered a reward such as snacks - His favorite snacks are #1 carrots, spinach, apples, pet store treats, and some blueberries - He is extremely lazy, sleeps a lot during the day (mostly due to age) - Though he is old, he still purrs when being combed or petted - Not very fond of baths but he’s used to it by now :), none the less he will try to escape - His nails gets pretty filthy due to all the feces over time, so i recommend at least cleaning his paws and cutting his nails *carefully* - He is an extremely healthy guinea pig and is basically the size of a miniature dog, so he needs a home that will continue to nurture him 24/7 !! - He’s perfect for younger kids. He enjoys their energy and most importantly **he does not bite **! - Of course like any other animal, if fingers are put into his mouth he will most likely bite or if he’s being touched in a way that hurts him he will bite. Other than that, he knows of human hands and enjoys to lick the salt or give small nibbles when hand feeding him. - *NOTICE*: he is a very independent pet, therefore he might not do well with company. It depends on the personality of the other guinea pig. I had another guinea pig introduced to him about 2 years in, making Bugzee the adult. My other guinea pig seemed to energetic for Bugzee so there was a lot chasing and fighting, so just keep that in mind.
Owner's name: 
Jazlynn Francisco
New York