Minnie and Wonder(Bonded Pair)

1 year
Minnie: White with light brown patches Wonder: Black with white patch
Health problems: 
Reason for adoption: 
Moving out of country
Hello Future Owners, Our names are Minnie-Wonder. We are almost 1 year old and are bonded female pair. My owners are leaving out of country so I am in search of someone who can love and take care of us as much as they did. We have never been sick from the day my owners have got us. Our daily routine includes a morning brunch of lettuce (green/red/romaine leaf), cucumber and bell peppers and supper of the same with once in a week variety of carrots, tomatoes, carrot leaf, endives, spinach and cilantro. My owners clean our cage biweekly and we have many toys to play with, any piggy could dream of. We love our big cage and would like our new owners to provide us with similar or optimal space so we can chase/run around and play with each other. We are also given some floor time biweekly. I will be your stress busters and mood lifters. If you are looking for a small change in your life or want to extend your family members, you are going to love us
Owner's name: 
Devanshi Doshi