Fudgie Wudgie

7 weeks
Brown and white (with one blue eye)
Health problems: 
Reason for adoption: 
No room to house
Fudgie Wudgie was born 10/16/18 to clueless new guinea pig owners who didn't realize that one of the two young females they got in September was already pregnant. We have a nice big cage for our girls and love them and the baby very much! We just don't have the room to house him separately from the females and have no interest in becoming guinea pig breeders. I also don't want to run the risk of trying to neuter him and having potential complications (or even death). With these factors I think it best to rehome him. He's super cute (check out pics linked at the bottom) and very used to being held and cuddled by my 7 year-old. His cage is directly next to his mom and her companion with open bars so he still maintains contact in that way. Fudgie likes to like/nibble fingers (gently) and is very vocal about getting his twice daily fresh veggies and occassional fruit treats! He's got the softest brown and white fur with his face perfectly half and half. On the white side of his face he's got a bluish gray eye (iris). I would love for him to find a good home with maybe an older male whois friendly and lonely or a family who will give him lots of attention and room to roam. I am willing to drive up to two hours to meet potential families. Fudgie Wudgie would be an amazing surprise for the holidays! Fudgie photo album (copy/paste address to browser) https://www.amazon.com/photos/share/LdjeJaP0j5MSoQIWaalpcDbl0q3lSKeJX89QurLbssI
Owner's name: 
Camp Hill