DJ, Fluffy, Ozy, Whiskey

3, 2 1\2, 8 months and 6 months
Health problems: 
DJ, blind in one eye
Reason for adoption: 
My health problems
Good Afternoon, It is with heavy heart that I write this email. My son and I currently have four boars. We love them with all of our heart and enjoy watching them cause trouble; as guinea pigs love doing. The reason be hide this email, is I am having to surrender all of my guinea pigs. Since August 10th of this year, I have been in the hospital. I was just released about a week ago. I was on deaths doorstep, due to me not knowing that I had become diabetic. Which also lead to me having to have emergency surgery, along with having acute kidney failure. I am doing better know, it will take time for me to get back to somewhat of a normal life. Due to these new health issues, I have having to purchase a fair amount of insulin every month. Even with insurance my monthly cost for my life saving medicine is about $400.00. To top it all off I am a single mom, with no help from my son’s father. I do the best I can for note only his physical begin but also his mind; as well. Now, I am not telling you all this, to get sympathy. I want to explain the reason why I have to make such a hard decision. Because I swore that I would never, ever surrender any of my animals, as they are part of the family. But with these new monthly costs, it comes down to making sure I am able to get my insulin. I have spoken with my son and asked his option about it, (he’s only 8) what his thoughts were on it. At first he was very upset, but then stated that he understands. I know that as a rescue things are always tight, if you are able to take all four of my boys; I will also give you the C and C cage. I bought this cage from this company, It’s a 2 x 5, the bottom is the coroplastic with a six inch high wall. I also have grids to make a 2 x 2 loft; but the coroplastic bottom for the loft is made up of multiple pieces put together. I also have the ramp as well. All of the cage materials came from the same company. I have only had this style cage for about a year. In the pictures, the loft has been removed so that I could have access the closet. I have two food bowls, two hides, and four water bottles. Piggys: They are all Boars *DJ, short haired American breed, multi colored about three and half years old. He loves to cuddle; giving kisses, and will curl up with you and fall asleep beside you. He is my loudest piggy. He will let you know that he's there. He just recently went blind in his right eye, due to a hay poke. You would never know though, he gets along just fine. *Fluffy, Abyssinian breed, multi colored, about two and half years old. He loves to boss the other piggys in the herd. He will warm up to you after a while. You can cuddle with him, though he prefers it on his on terms. *Ozzy and Whiskey are both Texel breed. Ozzy is about eleven months old, who is solid, black and Whiskey is about nine months old and is solid red/tan colored. They are both sweet love buckets. I hope that you’re able to help me make sure these sweet babies find another loving home. If you’re not, I do understand, maybe you can direct me to someone who can. I will also give the remaining food, hay and shavings that I have. I want my babies to go to a good home and I'm trying my best to do that. I am just barely above water right now.Because since August 10th of this year, I've already accumulated over $150,000 in medical bill. Again thank you. Faith Tinsley
Owner's name: 
North Carolina