Black and Orange
Health problems: 
Slight head tilt and Blurry/ Damaged right eye.
Reason for adoption: 
Her partner passed away at the age of 8 and Hollow has become more and more skittish, she needs friends. Also I am in college and its become increasingly more hard to give her the attention a single guinea pig deserves.
* I love Hollow dearly, she is my baby, however I know it will be in her best interest to give her to a loving home with other guinea pigs who she can socialize with. It pains me greatly to do this but I know it's best for her. * I had her head tilt and eye checked by a small animal specialist that I trust when I first adopted her and then on checkups ever since. She said that it could have been caused by a previous ear infection or seizure. However she has not had any seizures since I have had her, which has been about 3 years. The doctor also said that the eye shouldn't need any treatment and I haven't had to bring her in specially for the eye, I just have the doctor look at it on Hollow's checkups. * She's a little bit of an odd pig but she's my odd pig and I think you'll love her quirkiness. * She chirps! However she hasn't done it since her sister passed away. * Her nickname is Pig, it's actually what I call her on a regular basis
Owner's name: